Jacks Gourmet Seasoning

Over the years, a number of recipes have been created by us, friends & family, as well as fans of Jack's Gourmet Seasoning. Please browse the recipes, print them off, and share the delicious food with friends & family.

Fried Noodles & Beans

1 can dark red kidney beans per serving

fine cut egg noodles


approx. 3-4 oz. heavy whipping cream per can of beans

Jack's Gourmet Seasoning to taste

Simmer beans in juice and Jack's Gourmet Seasoning until thickened. Cook noodles per directions on package. Drain Noodles. Add butter to keep from sticking. Heat oil in skillet. Fry enough noodles to cover bottom of the pan at a time until slightly browned and crisp. Add cream to beans and heat through. Serve on noodles.

printer friendly: 3"x5" or 4"x6"